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Dr. Louis Probst
As National Medical Director of TLC The Laser Eye Centers, the largest laser vision provider in North America, Dr. Probst has performed over 110,000 LASIK procedures over 20 years, written 7 reference textbooks on Ophthalmology and LASIK, over 80 book chapters on LASIK, over 50 articles in peer-reviewed publications, and designed 10 instruments for LASIK. Dr. Probst continues to perform over 100 LASIK procedures per week. With a practice dedicated 100% to LASIK. Dr. Probst is one the most respected and experienced LASIK surgeons in the world.

  1. Safety - most experience, safest most advanced technology
  2. Value - best surgeon, technology, and highly competitive pricing
  3. Reputation - recommended by past patients and other eye doctors
  4. Experience - more than 15 years and 100,000 LASIK procedures
  5. Specialization - LASIK is the focus of the practice with a fellowship trained surgeon
  6. Top Technology - CustomVue wavefront and IntraLase bladeless LASIK
  7. Lifetime Commitment - the doctor and center should stand behind their results
  8. Center/Company - more than 15 years of patient oriented service
  9. National doctor/center network - over 4,000 affiliated eye doctors
  10. Free Full Eye Testing - determine if you are a candidate for LASIK with no obligation
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Dr. Ryan Nelson Dr. Jon Kowalski Dr. Kevin Kurt Dr. Christine Hair OD Dr. Derek Van Veen OD
Dr. Ryan Nelson
Clinical Director
TLC Cedar Rapids
Robins, IA

100% Dedicated to LASIK with 6 years of experience caring for LASIK patients

Dr. Jon Kowalski
Clinical Director
TLC Westchester
Chicago, Il

100% Dedicated to LASIK

Dr. Kevin Kurt
Clinical Director
TLC Madison
Madison, WI

10 years of LASIK experience

Dr. Christine Hair
Clinical Director
TLC Tampa
Tampa, FL

10 years of experience caring for LASIK patients

Dr. Derek Van Veen
Clinical Director
TLC Piedmont
Greenville, SC

100% Dedicated to LASIK with 9 years of experience caring for LASIK patients

Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite

Dr. Probst only uses the most advanced technology in the world. The FDA approved Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite offers all-laser LASIK correction that is fast and comfortable with extremely accurate results.


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Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite

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Dr. Doug Kelley Dr. Doug Kelley

When I moved to Wisconsin from Illinois several years ago I had a patient that inquired about LASIK. Being new to the area I was not familiar with who the best surgeons were so I asked around to a few local doctors who all referred me to Dr. Probst at TLC. I contacted TLC and was warmly invited to a dinner and continuing education event that Dr. Probst was presenting at. I was very impressed with his charismatic personality and willingness to help answer all of my questions. He even invited me to observe him perform a couple of procedures on my off day. I had been co-managing refractive surgeries for about 5 years prior but I must say that Dr. Probst had the best outcomes of any other surgeon that I had worked with. I have yet to have an unhappy patient with the vast majority of my patients saying that they see better after the surgery than they did before with their glasses and/or contact lenses. I believe in Dr. Probst so much that last year I too decided I was tired of life with glasses and contacts so I had LASIK done. I am an avid swimmer and scuba diver so I never have to worry about losing my contacts again while I am out on a dive. It also makes camping much easier not to have to worry how I'm going to clean my hands to handle my contact lenses. The only down side to life with my new surgically enhanced vision is my wife gets annoyed at how well I am now able to see without any correction.

Dr. Jennifer Hillmann Dr. Jennifer Hillmann

I had LASIK done with Dr. Probst at TLC almost two months ago, and it was a wonderful experience! As an optometrist, I know how safe LASIK is and how accurate the results are. However, as a patient, I was still nervous. Dr. Probst and the staff at TLC walked me through the process, keeping me informed at each step. Now after the surgery, I have great vision and I'm free of contact lenses. I'm very thankful for the excellent skills of Dr. Probst and his team. LASIK was life-changing for me!

Angela Olson OD Dr. Angela Olson OD
Olson Eye Care
Madison, Wisconsin

My patients always comment on how professional the staff is and how wonderful their experience was at TLC. It's an important decision and the TLC staff does a great job educating my patients and making them feel comfortable throughout the whole process. They comment on feeling confident they will have a great outcome because they know I trust Dr. Probst, his experience and high percentage of 20/15 outcomes!

Rick Olson OD Dr. Rick Olson OD
Olson Eye Care
Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Probst is as good as it can get with Lasik surgery. He has been treating my patients for over 10 yrs, and I have NEVER had an unhappy patient! Trust is an important factor in a Doctor/Patient relationship, and because my patients trust me to guide them through the important decision of choosing a surgeon, it is easy for me to send them to Dr. Probst, as he is a gifted surgeon with impeccable results.

John Bonsett-Veal MD Dr. John Bonsett-Veal MD
Bonsett-Veal Vision Source
Madison, Wisconsin

I knew that if any of my children ever had LASIK that the surgeon would be Lou Probst through TLC. I recognized his expertise, the quality of hisoutcomes and the exceptionally low complication rate and low risk of requiringan enhancement at a later date. Dr. Probstwas and is the only choice for Lasik surgical procedures for my children, andour experience only confirmed that I had made the correct choice for Jacob’ssurgeon.

Jon McKinney OD Dr. Jon McKinney OD
Family Vision
Burlington, Wisconsin

One of my favorite testimonials was from a patient who said: "I have bought boats, cars, motorcycles...but this is the best money I have ever spent."

Callie Maursetter OD Dr. Callie Maursetter OD
Isthmus Eye Care
Madison, Wisconsin

Comments from My Patients:
"I’m so glad I had LASIK. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made."
"I see great, I only wish I would not have waited so long to have LASIK."
"I keep forgetting that I don’t have contact lenses in. After LASIK I haven’t had to worry about cleaning and caring for my lenses anymore. It’s great!"
"It was amazing to see the alarm clock when I woke up this morning."

Charles Davis MD Dr. Charles Davis MD
Medical Director and Chief Surgeon, Davis Eye Center
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I was so impressed and confident in Dr. Probst's ability that I asked him perform my own LASIK procedure several years ago and the results have been fantastic. There is no question in my mind that Dr. Probst is one of the top LASIK surgeons in the world.

Kyle Rippel OD Dr. Kyle Rippel OD
Frontier Family Vision
Naperville, Illinios

I have seen the LASIK results from many surgeons in the Chicagoland area over the past 12 years and no one is better than Dr Probst. His experience in number of procedures performed as well as his passion for LASIK is why I chose him as MY LASIK surgeon in 2001. My patients know that if I trust my vision to Dr Probst, so should they.

Miki Kitahata OD Dr. Miki Kitahata OD
Geneva Optometrics
Geneva, Illinois

After learning about the procedure and searching for the right surgeon, I found TLC Laser Eye Center to be the choice for my patients as well as myself. Dr. Lou Probst is not only the most experienced Refractive Surgeon in the Chicagoland area, but understands the needs of every individual and has the talent and expertise to make it happen for thousands of people. You cannot find a more skillful and dedicated Surgeon when it comes to LASIK.

Tom Schergen Tom Schergen
Chicago Firefighter
Chicago, Illinois

As a firefighter, dealing with glasses and contacts is never practical or safe. If you wear glasses or contacts, you really don't know what you're missing until you've had the LASIK procedure.

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